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About Us

16.08.2017 16:02:46

Turkish Locomotive and Engine Company Inc.

04.07.2017 14:28:29


Commercial Name
TÜLOMSAŞ -Türkiye Lokomotif ve Motor Sanayi A.Ş.

Ahmet Kanatlı Cad.26 490 Eskişehir / Türkiye

0.222.224 00 00 / Pbx

0.222.225 72 72



Tax Administration


Tax Number


Mersis Number


Trade Registry Number


150.000.000 TL

Number of Employees
1.541 person

General Manager
Hayri AVCI

Establishment Date

Legal Status
TÜLOMSAŞ is a joint-stock company subject to the Commercial Code. TÜLOMSAŞ continues its activities with the Articles of Incorporation in line with the provisions of Decree Law no. 233. TÜLOMSAŞ is the affiliated organization of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Turkey and subsidiaries of TCDD.

Production and Management Units
It is an integrated facility consisting of 7 Factory and 11 Management Office

Establishment Area

Our company was established on a total area of 500.000 m2 on 176.000 m2 closed and 324.000 m2 open area.

Installed Power
15.654.8 kW

Activity Area

TÜLOMSAŞ serves as the locomotive of Turkish Heavy Industry with various types of locomotives, railway maintenance vehicles, freight wagons, various types of diesel engine, alternator, traction motor, steel and cast iron production capacity to meet the locomotive and wagon needs of TCDD. Production and repairs of these products and other railway vehicles and equipments are also carried out.

Management System Documents

"ISO 9001-2000 Standard, TSE and TÜV quality certificates.

It also has OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates. "


"Having a say in its own market as a world brand in the production of locomotives, wagons, motor manufacturing, production of Ray buses and Light Rail Systems (LRS) vehicles, production of Defense Industry Vehicles and Equipment and other railway vehicles and equipment.