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01.08.2017 10:41:05

İlk Yerli Lokomotif Karakurt

First Local Locomotive “Karakurt / BlackWolf”

In 1958, Eskişehir Traction Workshop is organized for new and big targets in the name of Eskisehir Railway Factory. This target is to produce the first domestic locomotive and in 1961, the honorary monument of the Turkish workers and engineers takes place in the factory. This is the first Turkish steampower locomotive “KARAKURT”, capable of running at a speed of 70 km / h, weighing 97 tons and 1915 horsepower.

On April 4, 1957, the Prime Minister Adnan MENDERES participated in the opening ceremony of the Eskişehir Cement Factory and honored State Railways Traction Workshop on April 5 and visited the entire outbuildings of the factories, especially the Apprentice School and also spoke with craftsmen, Workers' Unions and Federation Delegations. The prime minister then traveled to one of the prepared locomotives of the "Mehmetçik" and "Efe" miniature trains to be operated in the Ankara Youth Park that year in order to love the public the train and railway and say “If I ask you, could you produce the real version of this locomotive?”


Main characteristics of Karakurt

Type of Locomotive

1 E

Axle fixings

5 axle

Maximum speed

70 km/h


1435 mm

Empty weight

97 tons

Operating weight

106,9 tons

Distance between bumpers

22900 mm

Wheel diameter

1450 mm

Guıde wheel dıameter

850 mm

Axle pressure

19,5 tons

Distance between axles

1500 mm

Traction power

18500 kgf


660 mm

Boiler steam pressure

16 atü

Boiler power

1915 hp

Type of brake

KNORR Steampower Brake

Tender dare / water / fuel

20 tons / 29 tons / 11 tons

Production start date


Date of servıce ınput


Service period

25 years