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Love Letter For Girlfriend | Love Letter to Wife


“I do not love anything in the world as much as I love you. This is weird, isn’t it?


Love Letter for Girlfriend

One of the biggest dreams of everyone, regardless of whether they are men or women, is to have a person who says romance and emotional words to him through a love letter for girlfriend. However, it is not that easy to say these emotional words. So much so that even though many people have intense feelings and a loving heart, it is not possible for these words to come out of their lips with their own thoughts. Writing love letters is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, not everyone can be expected to have a literary talent.

Love Letter For Girlfriend

The right place to write a letter to a lover in the distance! However, this site has a loving heart, even if it does not have literary talent, with the distant Love Letter for Girlfriend category originally created; Perfect for those who want to write a love letter to their loved ones. In order for the loved one to believe that he is loved with the most sincere feelings, it will be enough to memorize a few sentences on this site. The rest will be left to the loving hearts and intense feelings of those who say these words.

Love Letter For Girlfriend | Love Letter to wife

My darling,

Getting to know you is the greatest miracle in my life. You don’t know how happy and complete I feel with you. Even the thought that you are by my side gives me confidence and your presence adds brand new meanings to my life.

Every tone of your voice sounds almost like sweet music to my ears. Sweet dreams that wake me up from my long-term sleep … When I look into those beautiful eyes, I see each new day more special. The soft timbre of his enchanting voice calms my soul. Your radiant smile takes away all my worries and I, darling, want to spend the rest of my life in this bond of love.

No words can express the joy I had with you. I feel stronger every day we spend together. Everything feels so right every time I’m with you and I feel really lucky. Whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, you have a very special place in my heart.

I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. I think I realized how important it was to me when I first told you. I want to live loving you all my life.

I am so glad to be loved by someone as special as you. For a long time I thought that no one could make me happy and win my heart of stone until I met you. You really changed my life and I am thankful every day that I am loved and valued by someone like you. You brought sweet love to my life.

I love you. To me, you mean more than anything in this world. Something like a miracle, I found you and I will do my best to keep your sweet love in my life.

The things we share with you are more beautiful than the colors of a rainbow and will never fade over days or just show up in the rain. You made my end a new beginning. I will love you throughout this life and beyond, my angel. Words to describe my feelings are insufficient. I am surrounded by unique emotions and this will never end. I believe in us very much. I believe in you and myself very much.

I feel so lucky to have the chance to experience the love we have had all the time. This is something I will love forever and never forget.

Your lover who always thinks of you and us.

My heartbeat is my life miracle,

Before I knew you, every sentence about love was exaggerated to me. Now I can’t find words to express my feelings. Every word is insufficient to tell you about my love. You entered my life like a light that suddenly burns while sitting in the pitch dark. When I first saw you; My eyes were dazzled, I couldn’t look at you, my heart started beating as if it was going to pierce my chest Then slowly my eyes got used to the light, I became conscious of the light I was in.

I fell under the spell of love, I am glad you entered my life with your presence, dear darling, it is good that you have been instrumental in enjoying this unique feeling. You added a lot to my life with love; You taught me that loving, valuing someone, and some things can be told without speaking. For example, I learned how much a phone call accelerates my heartbeat or how stressful the response to the message I sent was five minutes late …

It turns out that my whole self has been looking for you for years, since the day you entered my life I have been completed. They say that every person has a soul mate, or we found each other. You are like a part of me, the most important part that complements me, allows me to breathe. I do not know what I have done to deserve you, but thank God you are my reason, my life miracle.

I love you so much my love, I love you as much as I do not love anyone, I leave myself to you as much as I surrender to nobody. You are in every moment, your warm smile, your smiling loving eyes are always in my memory. You are my breath, filling my lungs, giving me life energy and drowning me in happiness. The smile on your face is worth the world to me. You are the center of my life, my dear; You are my wife, friend, friend, confidant, family, my everything. When you are by my side, while your warmth is working, everything is rosy up to my bones.

My love, which has grown day by day since the day I met you, I have a heart ready to overflow you. You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I am glad you have become everything. You warmed me up, you made me experience love. Stay by my side forever, do not leave my hand… I am without you, defenseless, blackness… May your light always be with me. I love you so much in the hope of staying as ‘us’ forever…

Love of my life,

I can’t believe another year has passed. We feel like we met yesterday, but it also feels like I’ve known you my whole life. You make time meaningless. In fact, you make everything else feel pointless because the only thing that matters is you. You have brought so much happiness and light to my life. I would be lost without your light Thank you for everything you did for me – and thank you for helping me grow to the woman I am. My only expectation from life is that it gives me the privilege of being able to love you forever, because you are worth it.

My darling,

Expressing feelings is always very difficult, I know … Today I decided to take a step and write down my feelings for you, all these feelings seem to make a lot of noise around my heart! It may come as a surprise to you to see them in writing, but I hope you are happy to have them expressed freely rather than avoiding them.

We got to know each other and I want to tell you how happy it made me during this time. Your patience, smile, sense of humor, and unconditional love came to me as something I had never seen in my life, something I met for the first time. This discovery is a wonderful journey and I feel very lucky to be with you on this journey.

So glad that I have you!

love letters - valentine letters

Meaning of my life,

Just being around you gives me a happiness that no one else gives. You gave me a love I’ve never tasted before. I love being with you and I can’t imagine a world without you. I think of you first every morning when I wake up. I have difficulty finding words that express how happy I am from the moment I met you.

You became the rock I turned to during the difficulties I faced in my life, and you became the guide, the light for me, every time I was lost. I want to tell you that my love is immortal and eternal, but I can’t find a way to express it properly. I know my love is durable enough to last a lifetime and I feel unique as you are a part of my life.

Good thing you have my beautiful darling..


Look, we’re alone again. This is the time I love us the most. I am writing letters to you. You read them with a smile in the midst of huge crowds. The world is just ours. As you smile, I understand that you love me. Then you take out a pencil and start drawing something. You go wherever your love takes your pen. First, I have passed that way, and you are coming after me.

Then who likes some more, we fight. I love this one too. Our biggest quarrels stem from the violence of our love. I wish every couple I see to be like us. I say the biggest fights are to love each other very much. I wish you one for everyone’s life.


You know, there are times when people are the luckiest. The first time I met you was the luckiest moment in my life. Do you remember, how beautiful you looked in my eyes and how beautiful you were smiling with all of you. At that moment, I decided to myself, I was the luckiest and I would be the luckiest forever.

Since when did my heart beat like this? When was the last time I had such good feelings? Well, what about my fidgeting? Actually, I realized later that you are the reason for all this. I realized later that the rhythm of my heart has changed for you. There is a beautiful saying that I can never forget, “My heart is a broken hour, it always stays in you”. This word is like a password that reminds me of you.

Because whenever I see you, I want time to stop. I wish the waterfalls not flowing from top to bottom, when I was already soaked in love with you. They say love is only for once. I do not believe my love, I do not. Cause I fall in love over and over every time I see you. One day to your smile, the other day to your eyes… The fire of this love never ends as we live. My dear, I have always loved you and I swear that I will love you from now on..

love letters - valentine letters

My darling,

I didn’t want your letter to end; It was like my ending; No one in my life has ever attempted to say to me such beautiful, loving words that have been kneaded with love and passion, and have skillfully put these into lines. I am here; I am with you in all circumstances and conditions to face your life with my heart beating for you.

It is very difficult to gather many thoughts in one emotion; but you are worth it

I haven’t been able to write to you for a few days because I had a lot of work and I had to finish them even though I was extremely tired. On the one hand they, on the other hand, the people I had to deal with, really tormented me. When we don’t hear from each other, we both have the same worries, the same fears, and the same love.

Yes, I am full of happiness to love you. The moment I let myself think of you, I am overwhelmed and happy. I feel like diving into a wonderful dream that I lived thousands of years in a single moment. Do not think of anything else. I am not talking to anyone else except you.

It is so fun to write to you that I can’t even myself deny it.


You are in my mind every second, without leaving for a moment, you are there in my thoughts. While I am eating, working, even breathing, you are always with me in my ideas. I don’t have a single second without thinking of you. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all this, maybe I should really give you and myself time. But even if I wanted to hide all this, every moment I spend without you feels like torture to me. I want to see you all the time and I guess I’ll never get used to your absence..

My darling,

I can’t find any words to describe this love to you, every word that would be inadequate even if I did. This is such an elusive feeling that every moment is like living you, keeping you alive and getting old with you. You are the only one who pulled me out of dreams and brought me back to life. I realized that I was living with you. You are the peace of my home, my heart.

Besides the brightness of his eyes, the course of the stars pale. But I still swim in the starry blue of the night in case a star shifts. I will have only one wish and that is you. You are a fairy tale I have dreamed of, you are that golden frame in the corner of my room and my sweetest sleep, my best morning. I want to scream at the top of my heart, let even newborn children know my love for you. I want you to take the first steps, the first words to be I love you.

When I said I found myself in you, I actually forgot myself in you. I was a little kid, I opened my eyes to you, I took my first steps to you. One smile made me believe that I could spend my life. I want my hands to always be in your hands. You are like a song I always know by heart. It is a unique song that no one knows the lyrics but me. My only wish is to sleep for you and wake you up again.

Without you I’m all alone in the streets of this city. I was startled by the roar of the wind without you. Temperatures are always below seasonal normals. You are that never ending song. Even though I don’t know your notes, my feelings are always familiar to you. Without caring, I keep you alive in the deepest part of my heart. I carry you in my heart, in depths that no one can reach. I love you incredibly.

My darling,

Do you believe in miracles? Before I knew you, I wouldn’t believe it either, but now you have become my miracle. You came out of such an absence that I am living an indescribable dream for me. You burned like lamps in the dark corners of my heart. Before you, my black world is now like a festival ground. It is my greatest desire to grow old with you and become a grumpy grumpy man.

My palms always open to the sky so that my Lord will not separate us. Holding your hands and looking into your eyes is my greatest gift. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. Whereas you are like rain in a desert without water. You are like a soul to a soulless body. You are like a star in the sky from the moonlight and a dew grain on the ground. Saying I love you very much is not enough, everything that is less needs you, my dear.

I say these words with all my ignorance. Because I haven’t looked at any book, as much as I look into your eyes… The feelings in me come off my lips like Nazım Hikmet. I tell you, just like him, don’t go. Although I know loneliness will make me wise; Don’t go, I’ll be ignorant, okay? Don’t let my hands leave your hands, nor let me take my eyes away …

You were my yesterday, now I see you in front of me and you are my today. I want to be you again in all my tomorrows. You tell me I love you with a sweet smile. That smile seems more sincere to me than all the laughter I have ever heard. I am happy if I can cause even the slightest smile on your face.

You always tell me the phrase I love you in different ways, dress tightly, say you don’t feel cold, do you feed your stomach, how are you… Thank you darling for thinking of me more than me. He opens my hands to the sky, he says you gave me heaven in this world, O my Lord, thank you for your presence. I hope we will always be one, darling, we always walk the same road and become companions. I love you…

love letters - valentine letters

My only darling,

My precious heart that I keep in the deepest part of my heart. My love for you is too great to be measured by anything, yet just as powerful. The magic of your love that embraces my soul, brings me closer to you moment by moment; Knot by knot makes my love stronger. When I am away from you, I am consoled by the smile that remains in my memory.

The dimple on the edge of your cheek and your loving looks that will make even the biggest lovers jealous are my greatest source of life. And sometimes I’m afraid, just because I have a leave in my mind … At that moment, I renew my mind again with your memories, your words whispering in my ear, your beautiful eyes … I wish you were always with me. If I could hold my hands and never take my eyes when I stretch out my hand … If you could see the happiness, peace and that wonderful love in my gaze.

If we give together and dream of distant lands with you. If we run between daisies, poppies, fresh grass, it’s like crazy. In the warm breeze winds, if our hair gets tangled. If we smell a rose together and make friends with a squirrel. If we drink water from flowing streams, we walk on the grass with our bare feet… And then lie down to the shadow of a great tree… If we count the stars together, and leave new prayers to the sky with the falling stars. And if we draw imaginary sleds reaching the sky. If we go hand in hand to the northern lights.

My darling … There is not a single moment that I haven’t thought of or dreamed of about you. I feel a strong love for you to challenge anyone and anything. And I am attached to you with a passion that only death can separate. Don’t test me without you.

I can’t even bear to think of being without you. Do not let this soul fed by your love away from you, even for a moment. Whatever happens, I will always be with you. I know that even if I know that death will separate our bodies, it cannot separate our souls. You are my only and eternal lover..

Don’t Settle For A Few Phrases When Writing A Valentine’s Day Love Letter For Girlfriend

Letters from girl to boyfriend in this article. Of course, visitors to this site need not be limited to just a few sentences. In addition, to write letters from girls to soldiers, it is possible to examine the love letter for girlfriend examples on the site and find emotional sentences from these letters.

These love letters are prepared by the site’s experienced writers and consist mainly of words that appeal to women or sentences that will caress the soul of everyone, male or female.

Of course, Love Letters can also be included in these letters that you can send to your lover to keep the old traditions alive and live the romance at its peak; Even these letters can be much more meaningful and special than ordinary words.

My lady,

Do you know Genghis Khan? He conquered half of the world at that time, he called himself the Hanlar Khan, Genghis Khan. Our Genghis Khan, the return of the expedition, gathers the crowd, rise up, “I, the Khan of the Khans, is Genghis Khan. He says “I am the lady of all of you” and turns to his wife and says “This is my Khan”.

This is where the word Lady, spoken to the spouses today, also comes from. I may not be a Genghis Khan of course, but I sincerely want you to be my Khan. Let’s write our own story with you. Even if not everyone reads, our children are ahead. Our children have Ferhat and Şirin, we make them see love from us …

You, the sun of the most beautiful loves, the brightest light on the day when the sun rises … You, the owner of the heart that made me fall in love with you, the red flower I put in my pocket just above my shirt…

May our feelings for each other be like that red flower, never fade and always smell beautiful. One day, when we put our head on the same pillow, let’s not change even if the pillow changes. I do not seek happiness in anyone other than you, nor do you smile while looking at someone other than me.

This is life, good things don’t always happen. We will go through the worst days and see the bottom from time to time. However, the important thing is to stay together despite all the difficulties. The important thing is to always support each other and be moral. You are my best morale, my dear. Let’s be together against every game of life, in our good and bad days. I wish from my Lord that our love will last forever, and if I end one day, my love for you will never end. I love you…

Write a Love Letter For Girlfriend to an Ex-Valentine?

Letter to the ex, yes. The ex may be forgotten or not forgotten and be full of hate. Many people who visit this site think that the good words on the site are limited to love letter for girlfriend and valentine letters. However, letters written to a lover can of course be dedicated to ex-lovers or other loved ones. Among these loved people, mothers, fathers, siblings and even friends can take place.

As a result of a superficial research on the site, it will present very beautiful sentences that can be said to many people who are loved and valuable even if they are not lovers. Undoubtedly, the phrases learned from this site also allow them to be tailored individually, whether it be a lover or a similar special location, family or friend-like position.

For example, it is possible to reconstruct these sentences in accordance with the characteristics that are unique to a person. Moreover, this effect is much wider.


I feel like saying ‘I love you’ to every word I want to write. I can’t find any words to describe you. Punctuation marks are not enough anymore. You become the subject of every sentence. It’s such a feeling that my heart beats with you. Because you come so much that you are holding my body up inside me.

The moment I think of you, I see that I fall for you again. I love you more with every word I write to you. I don’t know if there is any limit to loving, but this love in me has no bounds now. It covers both you and me from end to end. I love you with all my heart, with every cell and every breath I take and give. I thank you for giving me these deep feelings.

love letters - valentine letters

Love Letter For Girlfriend and Examples of Valentine Letters in Prison Perfect for Those Who Want to Declare Their Love

This site is also perfect for those who want to declare love and write a letter to a lover in prison for some reason but cannot find a chance to do so. The beautiful sentences on this site also allow for the most beautiful advertisements of love. In addition, thanks to the sentences on this site, the declaration of love can be realized much more effectively. Even though there is no guarantee that any feelings are mutual in the face of the love letter for girlfriend in prison, the possibility of receiving an answer to love increases thanks to these beautiful and meaningful words.

My darling,

I ask you to be serious while reading this letter. Because I know, as soon as you laugh, the seriousness of the letter will also deteriorate. The message he wants to give will fly away from his head. I wrote this letter, of course he will act like me after all. When you smile, his whole world will be surprised, his cheeks will turn red, and a slight sweat will come. Whatever I am going through, this poor man will experience the same.

I assure you this letter is as in love with you as I am, and when he sees you he will be filled with unspeakable joy. So be fair to him, don’t do what you did to me. While smiling, don’t squint your eyes as you are now. If you continue to look at it like this, take it out to the glass, fresh air is important in order not to lose their mental balance. How I’m trying to get out of your spell, try the same on him..

It Is Possible To Use These Words By Adapting From Love Letter For Girlfriend Examples To Write Letters That Make Crying

You can write letters that make you sad or even cry with an emotional and strong heart. Of course, there is no requirement that the ready-made crying letters on this site will be presented in the same way as the love letter and love letter samples. Of course, visitors of the site can make changes to these ready-made letters and make them much different.

It can even make special adaptations to their own situation and loved ones. This site not only offers ready-made words, but also offers a great service in terms of giving ideas to those who have difficulty expressing their feelings.

My heart,

I take refuge in your forgiveness in case I hang out with the words that I love, which I will say soon Sorry, I am not a master poet, I cannot write you very good poems. What if I am the most talented poet? Can I ever write a better poem than you? Take a look, can I show you what I wrote to you as this is my best poem. Your beauty has surrounded me all over me. I’m like a prisoner on you. My heart wants that I can never escape that conviction and always be imprisoned in your heart.

Neşet Ertaş called the heart. The heart is the only place where man is buried without the need for stone or soil… How beautiful is he saying it? As I read this beautiful word, I always dream of you. Let there be no stone, no soil. Let them just bury me in your heart and throw their love on me. Sorry if my words are mixed up, darling. I always tried to love you with the most naive, cutest and most beautiful emotions. However, of course, I can never put this love into words as it is.

Your absence and longing force me very much. What kind of sadness it is that it gives people both pain and joy of children. My heart had never met such sorrow, I had never been overwhelmed with both happiness and sorrow. With me when you are away, I am not that me anymore. I’m becoming a sad person now. I dive into the most dreamy dreams, sing the most painful songs without you.

I have never hesitated to love you, but I hesitate to live without you. The day I breathe without you has no flavor. The sleep I slept without you was meaningless. Even the hours passed without knowing that old notion. Just loving you is a smart amount. I know that you too are living apart from life without me. I believe our reunion is our only option.

What Kind of Benefits Does Year 1 Offer About the Love Letter For Girlfriend?

Happy couples who have completed their first year may want to cheer up their relationship dimensions by writing letters to each other. While the benefits of this site about 1st year valentine letters, love letters and valentine letters are numerous, it offers its visitors opportunities on the following subjects:

  • Expressing emotions becomes easier thanks to this site.
  • Those who want to write a love letter but cannot get the sentences together get rid of this trouble.
  • Those who want to declare their love with a love letter can find original ideas.
  • Writing a special love letter for every day is no longer a problem thanks to this site.

Love Letter For Girlfriend and Love Words Options;

My baby,

Thank you for patiently listening to my personal problems when I need a shoulder to lean on in my life. Baby, I just want you to know how happy you have made me in my life and I’m thankful for that. I am grateful to you for the love and passion you brought into my life. You changed my life baby You are the only person that excites my heart. When I’m with you I feel like I’m out of control! You taught me how to take life seriously, how to solve my problems and face it without fear…

When I am with you, I feel more secure than ever before. Do you remember how my happy tears flow when you say you love me, when you say I love you? All these tears of happiness are due to your beautiful eyes. I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you, with you. With the wish of always being in my life..

My darling,

You know I was bad at first. When I first said to you “I Love You”, you should have taken it out of the rush, I started my sentence from such an absurd place that you were frozen in front of me. It was not clear where the word was going, but you did understand. Here I also understood more at that moment, there is no other possibility for me other than you.

At that moment, I realized that no one will look in my eyes as much as you do and understand what to say, no one will find a solution to my nausea and anxiety with one glance, and will not encourage me. Believe! This is the most beautiful and rarest sensation in the world. It is a feeling that is not easy to find and soothes the soul of a person even in the most desperate situation.

My future,

I stole you from a poem, the refrain of a song and the finest page of a novel worn out from being read I stole it and added it to my life. I did something for myself for the first time in my life. I wrote down a sentence that adds rhyme and beauty wherever it happens, on the first page of my own life. I started life with you, everything became meaningful when I loved you. I learned what crying is with you, I learned to bring love to the tip of my tongue, not swearing.

I learned where my heart is from the palpitations I experience every time I see you. I stole you so much that I wrote your name on every page of my future. I stole you from such beautiful places; I learned to make peace with myself and to love myself for you from the moment you came into my life.

My First Love Story;

It’s a story that doesn’t know when it started. Be sure, I just can’t figure out the time. I can’t give you a clear date, the days were like this, the weather was like this and you wore that. The color of your hair changed many times when I fell in love with you, everything changed, the seasons changed, you changed…

This is the most important point, I think you have changed. You did not remain the first person I met, but my feelings did not change. I don’t remember when this feeling started. I’ve had this tingling sensation all my life, but did I not notice it or did it start when I got to know you? I think, when you came, I started living and thus I got to know myself.


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